More screens


I’ve been doing a lot of screen printing. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve done since the last post:

Above, I finally tried making a screen of my unicorn drawings (again). It worked this time! Here it is burning:


A pic of my deck work station:


And, the second screen I burnt that day:


I made the X’s out of tape, measured how far apart I though they would go on a body using myself as a model, and then burned it. No transparency necessary.


After the screen in done burning, the next step is to wash it out.



You need a high-pressure hose nozzle, and the water gets everywhere. I usually just wear a swimsuit.



A screen! Ready to print!

Pics of shirts coming soon!







Screen printing with Maude.


This summer has been shit so far.

Real shit.


But now I’m doing something cool with my friend Maddie and we wanted to share it with you. As many of you may know, I’ve been trying to do some independent screen printing for a while, and as you also know, I’ve failed a lot.

This most recent endeavor began when Maddie (see approached me and asked me to teach her to screen print. I assumed she just wanted to know how, to understand the process and out of curiosity. We spent a long, hard, day building, prepping, designing, burning, and finally printing, two screens. Pictures of those two are not included in this blog post but you’ll see them soon enough on our Etsy site.

After this long day, it was clear that we both wanted to keep doing some experimental printing together. Despite the frustrations, snags, and hopelessness we both felt throughout. I was wary of this at first, since I tend to get too into things too quickly and then am disappointed when other people do not meet my expectations. But we scheduled another day (today) and we pushed through, made 4 screens, and are now ready to print. Here are some pictures of the process!


Gemstone screen:

IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3359


Alice in Wonderland screen (down the rabbit hole) still wet from the burning rinse-out:


Here’s a picture of the transparency used to burn the gemstone screen:



Our janky burning station:


Hose/wash out station:



Maddie and I resizing a design:IMG_3367

Tablet used to draw designs:



Go Down Slow design burned onto a screen:IMG_3371IMG_3373 IMG_3375


The screen not pictured is a geometric design.

We look forward to opening our shop and showing you all finished tees!






Senior Show

Pics of my senior art show.


IMG_6750 IMG_6769 IMG_6772

^ Snow White/Eve/Self Portrait III



^ Andromeda/Selkie/Self Portrait II


^ Lucretia/Persephone/Self Portrait I

IMG_6788 IMG_6805

^ Me + My Show


Artist statement: 

Lorna Rose Dielentheis

Stories are in essence empty shells, maintaining a generality yet providing enough content for one to identify with their characters and scenarios. In this way, your reality is filtered through their fantasy.

Expression without vulnerability.

You don’t have to reveal how little or pathetic or stupid the truth is; you don’t have to reveal that it was something so small that made you so infinitely upset.  It’s more exciting to say that you were kidnapped and dragged to the underworld and forced to eat a pomegranate than to say you had sex for the first time and felt strange about it.

In this way stories merge and twist and tangle like hair.

Here I tell the truth; I lie a little.


All text and images Copyright Lorna Rose Dielentheis 2014

A drawing a day keeps the demons away!

I have decided to challenge myself to make one new drawing each day from now until January 30th. I have realized that for an art major, I don’t feel that confident in my drawing skills. I am a fairly confident painter, sculptor, printmaker, and mosaicist, but when it comes down to this pure, simple form of expression I always feel like I have a block. As if I know I’m going to mess it up, or not even mess it up, just that I can’t do it. Though usually when I do, I end up more or less happy with the results.

I need to get the fuck over it and draw. There are too many beautiful things stuck in my memory not to.

Anyway, stay tuned. I may start by trying to copy some basic body positions. If you feel so inclined, join the challenge yourself!